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Banking operations are spread over a couple of business days in order to allow the many complex processes followed by the bank to be completed timely and properly. In general, banks will have specific requirements and policies in place governing their internal processes, but as a broad guide, bank processes will run across three business days, called Day 0, Day 1 and Day 2.

SWIFT is a global network messaging standard which facilitates the secure transmission of financial
messages between international financial institutions. Sybrin has developed a SWIFT processing
module to facilitate the accessing, transforming, routing and delivering of these messages, also
known as Telegraphic Transmissions (TTs), between systems and external clearing mechanisms.
Systems may be producers and/or consumers of messages in SWIFTnet. Sybrin's solution offers an

Sybrin's state-of-the-art Corporate-to-Bank solution brings you closer to your corporate clients by
making your products and services available to them on their own premises for their day-to-day
banking activities. Allowing your corporate clients to transact on-site permits them to achieve higher
Straight-Through-Processing (STP) rates, real-time visibility and higher levels of efficiency; from
payment initiation through to back-end processing. Transaction types can be cheque-based or even

Sybrin’s solutions are built around the solid, proven architecture of CORE, which supports each of our wide range of product modules and provides a secure, transparent foundation for our unique offering.  

Sybrin’s modules and software applications rely on CORE to communicate amongst each other and across platforms within systems. In turn this makes use of hardware devices such as scanners and item transports to capture, process, sort and store transactional data and documentation.

Sybrin’s CORE comprises of:

ATS provides a single, unified system for the processing of all payment types, irrespective of their characteristics - the modern approach to clearing and settlement. It provides both Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) and Automated Clearing House (ACH) capabilities for the clearing and settlement of both high and low value, within one integrated system, of all interbank electronic payments.